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Please read this important message regarding our COVID-19 (coronavirus) financial readiness. We continue to devote the necessary time and resources to do our part to respond to this emerging public health issue. READ MESSAGE.

Southwest National Bank is now accepting applications for the PPP loans. If you have any questions or would like more information, please call the Commercial Lending team at (316) 291-5240. 

Consumer Alerts
Security Center

Southwest National Bank is committed to protecting your privacy and the security of your personal and financial information.

As part of that commitment, we will alert you to issues and events that may be relevant to your privacy and information security as they become known to us. These alerts may address computer security, e-mail fraud, online scams, identity theft and other consumer-protection issues. Following is a list of these alerts.

Phone Call/Text Message Scam

The purpose of this fraud alert is to inform you of fraudulent calls or text messages that may be received by our customers. If you receive an automated call or text claiming to be from Southwest National Bank, please be advised this is not valid. It is fraudulent. The caller may claim to be Southwest National Bank and request your PIN number or other sensitive information. These are NOT Southwest National Bank phone numbers and this is a scam. We will never ask you for your PIN number. The fraudulent calls and texts are coming from 800 numbers.

If you have given out your PIN number or any other sensitive information, please call us as soon as possible. Contact Us

Phishing Email Attack

The purpose of this fraud alert is to inform you of fraudulent emails which purport to be from reputable companies or organizations in an attemps to induce you into revealing your personal or confidential information, such as password or account number.  The scammer would then use this information illicitly.  Click this link for more information about phishing:

OCC Guide on Phishing

Fraud Alert - Text Message Scam

The purpose of this fraud alert is to inform you of a scam that involves unsolicited text messages sent to cell phones. The message urges the recipient to call a number provided for information about account discrepancies and then solicits individual account information and pin numbers.

Cell phone users should be weary of unsolicited text messages. Such messages should be deleted and all deleted text messages should be removed, if possible, as the perpetrators have been known to use Spyware1 in conjunction with their text message solicitation.

Such a scam could be used to obtain personally identifiable information and financial account access information, for those who access their accounts using their cell phones.

If you have become a victim of this scam please Contact Us so we can take the necessary steps to ensure your financial security and privacy. The FBI has a website for filing complaints of this nature and can be located at

1. Spyware is software installed on your computer or cell phone without your consent and it monitors or controls your use of the device. It may be used in your cell phone for such things as monitoring your Internet surfing, activating your speaker phone as a listening device, taking pictures with your phone camera, copying your contacts, or recording your keystrokes, which, in turn, could lead to identity theft.