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EDI Services
Treasury Management Services

Southwest National Bank's Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) service is the computer to computer exchange of information between two or more parties known as Trading Partners. EDI allows for the financial exchange of payment and remittance data between those parties. Southwest National Bank's EDI service combines financial exchange of payment and remittance data with EDI capabilities to electronically transmit payment and remittance information to your company. This information makes it much eaiser to apply payments and avoid discrepancies. EDI is a low cost alternative to the traditional paper based method of posting payments and payment detail to your accounts receivables.


  • Receive automated email notifications
  • Receive the remittance information, paperless, needed to match payments to invoices or claims
  • Receive reports in assorted file formats
  • Low monthly fee*

*Fee may be offset by earnings credit if business checking account is placed on Account Analysis.

To learn more about EDI Services, please contact the Treasury Management Department at (316) 831-8287 or by email at