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Debit Cards

Replace your checkbook with a Debit Card.

  • Access your checking account without the hassle of writing a check
  • Shop wherever MasterCard is accepted
  • Provides all the advantages of an ATM card
  • Can be used with Google Pay, Apple Pay, or Samsung Pay

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How does Card Activation Work?

There are 3 ways you can activate you new card.  You must know the current PIN assigned to your card in order to activate it. 

1. An activation label on the face of the card will include the number 1-888-227-3096 for you to call to complete the activation.

  • Select 1 to continue to card activation, you will be prompted to enter the card number followed by the "#" key then prompted to enter the provided PIN.


2. Perform a balance inquiry at any ATM


3. Perform any point of sale transaction where a PIN is required.

To Change your PIN

  • Call 1-888-227-3096 and choose menu option "Change PIN"
  • In order to select a new PIN, you must know the current PIN assigned to your card.


Report lost or stolen cards immediately.  After banking hours, please call 1-877-226-2351 or 1-888-227-3096

Take advantage of all the benefits a Southwest National Bank Debit Card can offer. To order a card, please contact Customer Service.