Bill Pay Pay your bills, your way!

Online Bill Pay is a safe, fast and easy way to manage your bills. You can do everything you need from home, work, or anywhere you have internet access. Plus, you're not limited to business hours - Online Bill Pay is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

  • Pay anyone, anytime with a few clicks of a mouse.
  • Set up recurring payments.
  • Schedule payments up to a year in advance of the due date.
  • Receive bills electronically from leading merchants.
  • Message customer service simply and securely. 
  • Have instant access to bill payment history.
  • Send gift checks and donations through bill payment. 


  • Enrolling in Bill pay

    1. From the navigation menu, click or tap Transactions> Bill Pay
    2. Click or tap the account you want to enroll, then click or tap Enroll in Bill Pay
    3. Select the account you want to use to pay bills and click or tap Save 
    4. On the Agreement page, click or tap I agree to enroll in bill pay
    5. When a success message appears, click or tap Continue to Bill Pay
  • Managing Pay From Accounts

    1. In the navigation menu, click or tap Transactions > Bill Pay
    2. Click or tap Options > Visit Bill Pay Site > My Account 
    3. To add an account, in the "Pay from accounts" box, click or tap Add account, enter the new account information and click Next
    4. To remove or edit accounts already in Bill Pay, in the "Pay from accounts" box, click or tap View accounts.
      1. Click or tap edit to make changes to the nickname or default. Submit changes
      2. Click Delete to remove an account from Bill Pay. 
    5. Click or tap Save

    Note: You cannot remove the account you selected when you enrolled in Bill Pay.

    Note: Some changes may take up to 24hours to be visible

  • Paying a Bill

    You can use the Pay Bills page to select a payee and pay a bill. 

    1. From the navigation menu, click or tap Transactions > Bill Pay.
    2. On the Pay Bills tab, browse or search for the payee you want to pay and click or tap the payee name
    3. On the payment page, complete the following:
      1. In the Amount field, enter the amount you want to pay. Some payees include additional payment options.
      2. From the Pay from Account drop-down list, select the account from which you want to make the payment.
      3. If the Delivery Method drop-down list is visible, select the delivery method
      4. In the date filed, select the date for the payment
    4. Click or tap Submit Payment to schedule the payment
  • Using eBills

    eBills are an electronic version of a bill you receive directly within Bill Pay, which you can view and pay immediately. They look exactly like paper statements, and the only difference is they are conveniently delivered to your online account within Bill Pay instead of your home mailbox. 

    This section describes how to enroll in eBills and how to manage them. You can configure automatic payments, view past eBills, and print eBills. 

    To access payees that support eBills, click Transactions > Bill Pay to open the Pay Bills page. Payees that support eBills include an "eBill eligible" label on their tiles. 

    Once enrolled in eBills, you will have the Manage eBills option in the navigation menu.

    Payees configured for eBills that have payments due have one of the following labels:

    • Overdue
    • Due Tomorrow
    • Autopay (if enrolled)
    • Due <date>

    Tip: eBills contain the same information as paper bills, after you begin receiving eBills, ask payees to turn off your paper bill to streamline your bill paying routine. 

    Enrolling in eBills

    1. From the navigation menu, click or tap Transactions > Bill Pay
    2. On the Bill Pay page, click or tap Options (three vertical dots), and then select Visit Bill Pay Site
    3. Complete the eBill enrollment on the full bill pay site
    4. When the confirmation message appears, click or tap Go back to Bill Pay

    Note: eBills will appear in digital banking after one or two billing cycles. Payees enrolled in eBills have an eBill erolled label on the payee tile. 

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