Stop a Payment

Stop Payments can be requested on future or pending transactions. Requests can be made in person, over the phone, or online.

The fee for a stop payment is $30.00. 

  • Stopping a Check

    If a check is lost or if there is a reason it should not be paid, you can request a stop payment on the item. You will need to provide the following:

    • Check number
    • Payee
    • Amount
    • Check date

    Stop payments on checks typically expire after 6 months due to the item being stale dated at that time. 

  • Stopping an ACH

    Stop payments can be requested for pending or future ACH payments. You will need to provide the following:

    • Payee
    • Amount
    • Anticipated clearing date
    • Company ID (if known)

    If the item is a recurring payment, you may need to provide the date the authorization was revoked. 

    ACH stop payments can either be placed on a one-time item or on a recurring item. Stops on recurring items will only expire upon customer's request. 

  • Stopping a Debit Card item

    Unfortunately, debit card items are approved at the time of the debit and cannot be stopped. If an unauthorized debit card posted to your account, please contact us as soon as possible to resolve the item as your card may be compromised. 

    Contact Us
  • Requesting a Stop Payment

     Visit one of our 8 locations 

        Call in to Customer Service (316) 838-5741 or (800) 747-5303

       Chat with a Virtual Support Specialists and request a Stop Payment

      Log in to your online banking and request a Stop Payment. Under the Menu options, click or tap Services > Stop Payment and complete the form.

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