Directo A México

Directo A Mexico

Directo a México is the most convenient way to transfer money to Mexico. The money is transferred from your bank account at Southwest National Bank, through the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank to Mexico, where the Banco de México delivers it to all the beneficiaries’ banks in Mexico. By using Directo a México, your beneficiary receives more pesos for every dollar you send because Directo a México offers the best exchange rate in the market.


  1. Visit your nearest Southwest National Bank Branch
  2. Provide your Southwest Banker with the required information *
    • Name of Beneficiary
    • Amount to Send
    • Beneficiary's Bank Account Number
    • Name of Beneficiary's Bank
  3. Inform the person you sent money to look for it to arrive in their account in about one day.

*What You Will Need

  • You will need a Southwest National Bank account to use the Directo a México service. If you don't already have a Southwest bank account, we will be happy to open one for you.
  • Name of beneficiary in Mexico.
  • Amount you want to send in dollars.
  • Name of Bank in Mexico where the beneficiary has their account.
  • Beneficiary account number: The Standardized basic Code or CLBE (18 digits.)
3 digits 3 digits 11 digits 1 digit
ABA Bank Number Locality Account Number Check

Inquire Today!

The service takes one bank business day to be completed. The deposit in the bank account is identified with the text Directo a México and includes the applied exchange rate.The transfer fee is only $5.00 and the best exchange rate - regardless of the amount that you send.

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